Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hello Guild Friends,

As it is nearing the end of the year, and there are many characters that have not been playing in CoS in a long time, we will be doing a Guild Roster cleanup, effective by New Year 2009.

To ensure that we do not accidentally purge any of your lesser-played alts from the Guild, we ask you to assist us in the following:

1. Please label all of your alts (in the guild message window) using your main toon's name to identify them. ** Example: Niyah --- (Shutixa)

2. Any characters OFFLINE per the Guild Location column more than 180 days that have ....

a. No main name label in their message
b. Not notified the officers and/or GL that they are taking a break and will be back

..... will be purged from the guild.

When a character is purged from a Guild, this does not mean that you cannot be reinvited or that your rank cannot be restored --- however, please note: ANY GUILD STATUS that you have accrued CANNOT be REINSTATED once your character is purged!!

Thanks for your help during this cleanup, and Happy Frostfell from your Guild Officers!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Features of the New Site

Our blog will continue to grow, however, for now, check out some of these new features:

1. Events Calendar - Shows holidays and other special events, like parties and raids, planned for the guild.

2. Slideshow - Generic for now, but soon to include pictures of guild members, both real and in-game.

3. Polls - Designed to get your regular feedback on how CoS can be even more fun.

4. Follow - Click FOLLOW to stay tuned to updates to the site and conversations, and to let us know that you stopped by.

More to come as we grow!


Welcome to Circle of Shadows

Like a phoenix that refuses to be defeated, EQII's Permafrost Server's "Circle of Shadows" is back and ready for new membership.

We've had a long and proud history, fraught with some drama, but have remained one of the friendliest and helpful guilds on the server, and we are ready to reclaim that reputation by helping a new 'generation' of folks.

This blogspot is an attempt to give folks a place to talk about the guild, bring up subjects of interest, and direct questions to the officer panel.

Your current officers are Almeric, Meldra, TheBalance, and Shutixa.

See you online!

Shutixa Ha'Letzanit