Friday, January 16, 2009

Officer / Coach Plans for CoS

Hi Guildies,

It's been a heady few days as new co-GL for CoS, and a fun time at that. Thank you again for placing your trust in me and our fellow veterans to lead CoS into the right (and fun) direction for the future! I hope everyone's enjoying the new changes that are taking place.

Lately, I have been thinking about how to formulate our new officer structure so that we can best continue in our goals to mentor, coach, and assist players of all levels, as we all mature in rank, class, experience, and level in the game.

In choosing Shadowblood (Officer) ranks, instead of just putting people into the officer role in a general fashion, I'd like to appoint people to posts based on an underlying coaching system. This coaching system would concentrate on growing members throughout the four major classes of our world (Fighter, Mage, Cleric, and Scout), and in turn ask that the officers of each serve short terms (maybe 3 - 6 months at a time?) If the coach in a given class discipline is doing a great job and wants to hold his/her post, they are welcome to do so for longer than those terms. And if not, the coach is welcome to put his/her seat up for nomination to someone else that they feel is qualified.

I'd also like to keep one officer position in charge of Recruitment and Growth, for a total of no more than 7 people on your Leadership Council (2 GLs, 5 Officers). Almeric would remain on this council as Founding GL Emeritus and also serve to resolve any voting ties.

I will be approaching these seasoned veterans this week, and pending their response, may then open the officer application process up to anyone else who may be interested in representing their class to the Guild. Please stay tuned for further developments on this process.

Darkly yours,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guild Hall Lowdown

Hi Guildies,

Over the past few months, since we have beenworking with the new CoS Guild Hall, some have asked how the upkeep of the place works, and I thought I'd send a little mail on that subject.

There are actually three "tiers" of Guild Halls available in Norrath, and since our guild is relatively small, we have purchased a Tier One Guild Hall, located across from the giant sword statue (The Claymore) in North Qeynos. If you are of good alignment, you will have no trouble entering the city and zoning in. However, if you are of evil alignment, you will need to use the dock bells from Commonlands -> Nektulos Forest --> Antonica --> and Willow Wood , then sneak into NQ from the The Down Below (sewers).

Once you surface in NQ, you need to be super careful because both Epic and Heroic city guards may be roaming about, and they do see through invisibility. The good news is that once you come up from The Down Below, it's a very short run to the long building that sits at a diagonal on your map.

The Guild Hall is a community work in progress and has been made possible by some *extremely* giving people (THANK YOU)!! To see the volunteers, and to make donations yourself, once inside the Hall, RIGHT CLICK on the FRONT DOOR and choose ACCESS. Then go to the DEPOSIT tab, and you will find that you can make as many donations in either coin or personal status that you'd like. You can also click the History tab to see what these generous guild members have contributed over the course of the ownership of the Hall. The AMENITIES tab will show items that are still up for sale, along with their costs in coin and status.

Please note that the status listed there is Personal Status and does not reflect, depend on, or pull from your Guild Status balance. Furthermore, if you were promoted to new ranks under the new Guild Status system, giving to the Guild Hall will not affect your new rank and in fact, may help as we develop the promotional system. Writs, status items, and conventional methods do not automatically give to the Guild Hall's upkeep; this is a voluntary measure entirely!

The Guild Hall depends on a large amout of coin and status that is paid every 14 days, and that bank is called the "Escrow" account. Click the GENERAL tab to see Escrow. As long as there is money / status in that account to feed Upkeep, everyone has a Guild Hall. If not, once the Upkeep is paid, we can re-enter the Hall. So far, there have been no issues with this, as everyone's been amazing to keep it going, and thank you again. Please feel free to post any questions about the GH here or ask in-game on the chat.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NEW Guild Rank PROMOTION Plan!!

Hi folks,

As promised, below please find a small concept that I'd like to pilot to promote folks based on their contributions to the guild through status points. Some have mentioned that it may also be fair to do so on personal status / $, but that's a little trickier to figure out, so that will be the next phase of perks for your good work to support everyone in CoS! This system is effective immediately, so if you're in line for a promotion, congrats, and if you already pull a given higher rank, it will not be lowered by this system.

1. INITIATED BY FLAME --- Remain with CoS for at least one calendar week ORshow extraordinary dedication to the guild (donation of status to Guild Hall, lead some groups, etc)

2. SWORN TO SHADOWS ------ Achieve 5,000 - 19,999 Guild Status

3. PROVEN BY DARKNESS ----- Achieve 20,000 - 49,999 Guild Status

4. DARKENED SPIRIT -- Achieve 50,000 - 99,999 Guild Status (Highest Grandfather Level)

5. SHADE ----- Achieve 100,000 - 149,999 Guild Status

6. SHADOW TOUCHED -- Achieve 150,000 + and become eligible for extra 'Point' System

7. SHADOWBLOOD -- Officer, (Appointed by Shutixa or Almeric for now)

8. THE GREY - Guild Leader (Appointed by Almeric, Guild Leader Emeritus)

Every 10,000 status in addition to the SHADOW TOUCHED 150,000 Status Level would make a player eligible to be awarded extra 'Points.' These points (in Yellow) are used most often in Raid Guilds, but since we do not have such a system, we can use them toward extra bonuses. This is where _your_ suggestions on what would be fun and fair would be most helpful.

Every 10,000 Guild Status above this minimum = 10 Guild 'Points' and Point Award milestones could be perks like the following:

10 Points: Four free stacks of 20 (40 total) of highest level food & drink of player's level, customized to that player's stats

20 Points: TBD ...

30 Points: TBD ...

When the GL or Officers grant Points to Guildie, a Comment should always show the perk and level granted. Thanks again also to TheBalance for implementing new Rank Names!

Darkly yours,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

* * * The SUGGESTION BOX * * * *

Well, folks, it's been a great few months back, and the guild is starting to kick up again with some great members - thank you all! The purge also went off fairly smoothly and no one was kicked that shouldn't have been, based on the post I did earlier (;

Recently, there have been some good discussions on the chat about extra "perks" that you'd like to see from your guild, and as Almeric and I have been discussing promotions and prizes of the future, I wanted to start this thread as a means to hear from you, the beloved membership, of what you'd like to see from us? What are some things that a guild provides that really get you going and keep you coming back for more? What are some things that we do now that could stand to change a little? It's all valid, and all should start right here.

Darkly yours,