Tuesday, January 13, 2009

* * * The SUGGESTION BOX * * * *

Well, folks, it's been a great few months back, and the guild is starting to kick up again with some great members - thank you all! The purge also went off fairly smoothly and no one was kicked that shouldn't have been, based on the post I did earlier (;

Recently, there have been some good discussions on the chat about extra "perks" that you'd like to see from your guild, and as Almeric and I have been discussing promotions and prizes of the future, I wanted to start this thread as a means to hear from you, the beloved membership, of what you'd like to see from us? What are some things that a guild provides that really get you going and keep you coming back for more? What are some things that we do now that could stand to change a little? It's all valid, and all should start right here.

Darkly yours,

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