Friday, January 16, 2009

Officer / Coach Plans for CoS

Hi Guildies,

It's been a heady few days as new co-GL for CoS, and a fun time at that. Thank you again for placing your trust in me and our fellow veterans to lead CoS into the right (and fun) direction for the future! I hope everyone's enjoying the new changes that are taking place.

Lately, I have been thinking about how to formulate our new officer structure so that we can best continue in our goals to mentor, coach, and assist players of all levels, as we all mature in rank, class, experience, and level in the game.

In choosing Shadowblood (Officer) ranks, instead of just putting people into the officer role in a general fashion, I'd like to appoint people to posts based on an underlying coaching system. This coaching system would concentrate on growing members throughout the four major classes of our world (Fighter, Mage, Cleric, and Scout), and in turn ask that the officers of each serve short terms (maybe 3 - 6 months at a time?) If the coach in a given class discipline is doing a great job and wants to hold his/her post, they are welcome to do so for longer than those terms. And if not, the coach is welcome to put his/her seat up for nomination to someone else that they feel is qualified.

I'd also like to keep one officer position in charge of Recruitment and Growth, for a total of no more than 7 people on your Leadership Council (2 GLs, 5 Officers). Almeric would remain on this council as Founding GL Emeritus and also serve to resolve any voting ties.

I will be approaching these seasoned veterans this week, and pending their response, may then open the officer application process up to anyone else who may be interested in representing their class to the Guild. Please stay tuned for further developments on this process.

Darkly yours,

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  1. Hi folks,

    I am sure that by now you have had an opportunity to meet the newest officers in the CoS family. In case you're wondering, though, here's the list:

    Co-Guild Leaders: Almeric (Emeritus, Founder) and Shutixa (Active)

    Fighter Coach: Zaphina (also known as Setsuka)
    Healer Coach: Kaledin (and a bazillion alts)
    Mage Coach: Mindor (ditto...)
    Scout Coach: OPEN

    Recruiting: TheBalance

    The Coach positions ask that the officers form a group from time to time with new members, check out their spells / gear, and make recommendations (if not donations) to improve on what they see. They also encourage these same players to pass that knowledge on to other players in an effort to make a stronger guild.

    Regarding Recruiting, we all pitch in and recruit new members, but the Recruiting Officer assists in the 'sales pitch' and 'orientation' as it were. This includes telling new members about what our mission is (skilled, casual gaming), where this board is, how to get to the Guild Hall (maybe helping evil-aligned ones to do so), and the promotions policy (also stated in another thread on this same Blog).

    The guild has grown from 37 accounts at purge (first week of January) to over 60 now, and it's all because of your helping spirit, and the good people who found us, came back to us, and/or chose to make CoS their new home. Keep up the outstanding work!