Monday, February 16, 2009

CoSers on the Leaderboards!

Circle of Shadows places as of one the Top 100 Guilds on Permafrost (2/26/2009), listed as #33 in distinct account membership! Nice work, all!

#33 - Circle of Shadows - Level 70 - Permafrost - http://cos.everquestiigui ... 66

Player Leaderboards

*Slightly late Congrats go to ZAPEST for a server discovery of the Knight of Unholy Vengeance on January 28, 2009. If you have the utility, you can see it here: If not, this is the entry, found on the second day after it was launched.

Zapest - Permafrost - Circle of Shadows Jan 28, 2009

Top 100 Server Players from CoS (or alts) by Health Points

#5 (on entire server, all classes, #2 among server Monks)
Setsuka - Permafrost - 80 - 14,649

#76 (of all Perma Templars)
Zapest - Permafrost 80 7,985

Overall Guild Stats as of 2/16/2009

Items Discovered - Global - 5
Items Discovered - Server - 116
Latest Item Discovered
Knight of Unholy Vengeance (see above!)
Average Quests Completed - 311
Total Rares Harvested - 6,448
Total PvP Kills - 0
Total NPC Kills - 1,449,442
Total Arena Kills - 0
Average PvP Kills - 0
Average NPC Kills - 8,947
Average Arena Kills - 0
Total Items Crafted - 252,434
Total Deaths - 22,285
Deaths Per Member - 137.56
Kills vs. Deaths Ratio - 65.04

Way to go, folks!!

Darkly yours,


  1. Oh ... and a late-breaker, to prove that the Girl Scouts are tougher than I am, I scratched the Top 100 in Most Deaths (Server):

    100 Shutixa Permafrost 79 710

    I really shouldn't feel too bad, because the #1 Dirge, Dizzco, is also #5 on this board, and other top Dirges, like Nickelodian, Oktoberfest, and Lanzo also have died a *whole* lot more than I have over the past three years. But they raid all the time too! /growl/ This is definitely one board I WILL be getting off of!

    On the plus side, in terms of crafting, on the server, I'm #68 in most items made and #61 in most rares harvested.


  2. Ooooohhhhh! I'll toot my own horn :P

    This is class based for Coercer

    #72 Worldwide Coercer (#5 Permafrost) - Items crafted

    #88 Permafrost Coercer - Most power

    #8 Permafrost Coercer - Rares harvested

  3. AWESOME, Mindor, you rock, as shown last night when you literally SAVED the entire group by making mind-friends with that evil 83^^^H iksar in Sebilis!

  4. Last I checked a few days ago, CoS moved up the 'unique member' list to #28 and 70 members! Nice work all in helping people feel at home!!